Correspondence (Carla Simón, Dominga Sotomayor)

Collective Memories

Correspondence, Carla Simón, Dominga Sotomayor (Spain)

Drifts, Nayra Sanz Fuentes (Spain)

IN THE FUTURE, (Kelly Gallagher (USA)

The World is blue at its edges, Iris Blauensteiner, Christine Moderbacher (Austria)

Expo Film (Penny McCann)

Entangled Landscapes

Treasure. Samantha Moore (UK)

Press Pound to Connect, Alexander Fingrutd (USA)

Polycephaly in D, Michael Blayney Robinson (USA)

Expo Film (this film is my memory), Penny McCann (Canada)

Eclipse in the Garden, Yuula Benivolski (Canada)

A Perfect Storm, Karel Doing (UK)

A Flying Centre of Gravity, Janice Howard (UK)

Masters of the Land (Jan Locus)

Social Spaces

The Deleted Concept, Ambjörn Göransson, Ilona Huss Walin (Sweden)

Skate, Rattle and Roll, Vincent James (UK)

needles, Dawn George (Canada)

Masters of the Land, Jan Locus (Belgium)

In Residence, Nisha Duggal (UK)

Dajla: cinema and oblivion, Arturo Dueñas Herrero (Spain)

The Surrounding World (Wendy P. Espinal)

Special Screening:

The Surrounding World, 29 mins., 2020, dir Wendy P. Espinal (Dominican Republic)

In the heart of a Caribbean island, images, words and sounds create a rural symphony, while the long time expected progress arrives opening more questions than answers…

Seaweed (Julia Parks)

Surveyed Places

TOMORROW IS A WATER PALACE, Juanita Onzaga (Colombia)

Some Kind of Intimacy, Toby Bull (UK)

Seaweed, Julia Parks (UK)

Allowed, Zillah Bowes (UK)

Above All – Inside the Littlewoods Dream Factory, Laura Spark (UK)

Not Yet Out Of The Wood (Jennet Thomas)

Observed Ecologies

A Valley Without Trees, Janelle VanderKelen (USA)

Book of Hours, Suzan Noesen (Luxembourg)

Horse Fare, Caryn Cline, Mische Mellor (USA)

Not Yet Out Of The Wood, Jennet Thomas (UK)

under water, Holly Willis (USA)

We know a better word than happy, Helen McCrorie (UK)

X Marks What Spot?, Clem Routledge (UK)

Endling (Caroline Vitzthum)

Documented Realities

The Year Without a Summer, Elise Rasmussen (USA)

Metamorphosis, Yanbin Zhao (USA)

If I could name you myself (I would hold you forever) , Hope Strickland, (UK)

The Hearing of the Eye, Alessia Cecchet (Italy)

Fat Kathy, Julia Pelka (Poland)

Endling, Caroline Vitzthum (UK)

RITUAL (Kajsa G. Eriksson, Maria Magnusson, Lena Berglin)

Special Screening:

RITUAL, 55 mins., 2022, dir Kajsa G. Eriksson, Maria Magnusson, Lena Berglin (Sweden). Produced by Vague Research Studios

An experimental documentary that explores the greed for energy as a social phenomenon, and employs ritual as an artistic method. It has been filmed in eleven locations in Sweden: Burseryd, Kinnekulle, Sandviken, Hofors, Grängesberg, Njakafjäll, Meselefors, Kallak, Ligga, Messaure and Jokkmokk with a focus on extraction of energy and raw materials in relation to an increasing dependence on digital technologies. Rituals were conducted in each place, resulting in a “road movie,” that explores energy shortage in Sweden from a unique perspective. The filmmakers chose to highlight how life in urban centers is dependent on nature and the people living in sparsely-populated communities in Sweden. The result is a meditative journey of hope and renewal, and a poignant reminder of how consumption is destroying this world. 

Lazarus Taxa, Amy Cutler

Special Focus: Amy Cutler

Amy Cutler is an artist, cultural geographer, and live cinema artist who works with ideas of geography and nonhuman others. Cutler works frequently on the production of immersive and live cinema and exhibition events provoking conversations around ideas of space, geography, and nature-cultures.

For Braziers: LAZARUS TAXA. Bugs in the Barn! Deviant studies of the nature documentary via magic lantern optics, Super 8 pedagogies, rural 3D anaglyphs, and scratch video. Lazarus Taxa is a term for species which disappeared from the record and were presumed extinct, but then sprang back to life. From ‘crocodile tears’ to synthetic birds and machine learning glitches, this international programme of short-form artist cinema explores the ways ‘species’ of obsolete cinema can be revived, rediscovered, and reinterpreted. Followed by live 16mm film reel performance by RAVINE/MACHINE (Amy Cutler and Scott Pitkethly) inspired by fireflies and water insects, working with hacked music boxes and projectors.

WALDHORN (Leyla Rodriguez)

Personal Interiors

+x+=+, Niyaz Saghari (UK)

Anywhere But Here, Maitry Rao (UK)

Gazes from Beyond the Grave, Susanne Dietz (Germany)

Letter, Michelle Alice Wheatley (UK)

Silvering, Eilidh Nicoll (UK)

The guy on the bed, Mike Hoolboom (Canada)

The Last Name of John Cage, Margaux Guillemard (France)

WALDHORN, Leyla Rodriguez (Argentina)

CASTOROCENE, George Finlay Ramsay

Radical Instincts

A Love Song in Spanish , Ana Elena Tejera (Spain)

Advertisements for myself, Paul Tarragó (UK)

CASTOROCENE, George Finlay Ramsay (UK)

Glad Hand/Sad Hand, Paul Tarragó (UK)

Push This Button if You Begin to Panic, Gabriel Böhmer (UK)

The Copper Kings, Léna Lewis-King (UK)

BIFF 2022 Programme