Voted by the audience, the festival presents a film-maker with the Glaister Award. Named after the founder of Braziers, psychiatrist Norman Glaister, the award recognises a film which makes a positive contribution to social development and action in the world today.

The award winner receives homemade produce from the Braziers permaculture garden.

2023 Glaister Award

Siôn Marshall-Waters, Forest Coal Pit (2022)

Two elderly brothers live together on a small farm where they have been since childhood. This super 8mm portrait explores the mundanity, vibrancy and intimacy of their relationship and hyperlocal world.

As they feed their livestock, tend to their garden and piles of scrap metal, the brothers discuss their views on elephants in China, lobster fisherman, ghosts and each other.

Forest Coal Pit / trailer

2023 Glaister Award Special Mention

Mariana Castiñeiras, Exoskeletons (2022)

A filmmaker who struggles with her fear of insects meets a neurologist with a peculiar obsession for beetles. Curious about what his passion can teach her, she decides to join him on his expeditions into the Hungarian woods.

Exoskeletons is a sensorial close-up to an unlikely encounter.

2022 Glaister Award joint winners

Julia Parks, Seaweed (2022)

Seaweed explores the folklore, ecology, and history of seaweed in north Scotland. Voiced by seaweed harvesters, workers in the alginate factories, environmental activists, archaeologists, seaweed farmers behind the miracle resource. The film includes archive footage, oral histories and contemporary documentary footage of people working with seaweed.

Helen McCrorie, We know a better word than happy (2021)

We know a better word than happy captures children’s delight in the possibilities for fun and learning in an urban green space established by community activism in Maryhill, Glasgow. A quarter of households in this area have no access to a private or shared garden and, following lockdown, the children express their rights to outdoor play, for learning, togetherness and resilience.

2021 Glaister Award

Claudia Claremi, El Monte (2017)

In Sierra Maestra, Cuba, José Manuel explains to his granddaughter Malena his world view through deep knowledge of natures’ mysteries. Plants and people have great resemblances and must respect each other. José Manuel hopes that Malena inherits the knowledge that he obtained from the father and she becomes a great mountain tree.

Claudia Claremi

2021 Glaister Award Special Mention

Wuon-Gean Ho, Shadow Boy and Shadow Girl

Wuon-Gean Ho, Shadow Boy and Shadow Girl