Special Focus on Palestine:

Denied Entry, Kate Jangra (64 mins., 2008)
5 Broken Cameras, Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi (90 mins., 2011)
WitchHunt, Jon Pullman (62 mins., 2018)

Senses of Time, Wenhua Shi

Observed Ecologies

Index, Richard Ashrowan
Dead Metaphor, Richard Ashrowan
Sunset Song, Grace Mitchell
Frames, shapes and symbols, Jason Moyes
Senses of Time, Wenhua Shi
The Man in the Bushes, Vasilios Papaioannu, Emma Piper-Burket
Tailings, Rob Gawthrop
The Stream, VIII Hiroya Sakurai
Truth or Dare, Alex Morelli
The Flood Is Coming, Gabriel Böhmer

Red Hill, Laura Carreira

Colelctive Memories

Lembranza, Al Díaz
Red Hill, Laura Carreira
Stratum Nick Jordan, Jacob Cartwright
Our Song to War, Juanita Onzaga

Three Centimetres, Lara Zeidan

Personal Moments

Henceforth, Charlene Jones
Inflated (double) struggle, Jenny Baines
Gymnastics for Everyday Anxieties, Maria Anastassiou
Eidolon, Louise Milne
Autopoiesis, Lana Caplan
Panic Attack!, Eileen O’Meara
Her Type, Masha Vlasova
Three Centimetres, Lara Zeidan

Bea Haut

Special Focus: Beat Haut

Bea Haut is an artist and experimental film-maker. Working with mainly black and white 16mm film her work alludes to perceptions of inter-related moments, spaces, and actions in between. Regarding the mutating dialogue between the self and her surroundings, the artist also uses the stuff of the everyday as material and subject of these works.

Absent Wound, Maryam Tafakory

Documented Realities

A New Journey, Odd Magnus Grimeland
Pebbles, Mikhail Zheleznikov
Love and Revolution, Gabriel Tempea
Unless You’re Living It, Sarah Bliss
La rivière Tanier, June Balthazard
Absent Wound, Maryam Tafakory

One Square Mile, Chris Paul Daniels, Sam Meech

Surveyed Places

faint forgone forgotten, Roger Deutsch
Blue Book, Kerry Jones
Here East, Tessa Garland
601 Revir Drive, Josh Weissbach
Shoot-the-Chutes, Molly Pattison, Andrew Wood
A Return, James Edmonds
One Square Mile, Chris Paul Daniels, Sam Meech

Karel Doing

Special Focus: Karel Doing

Karel Doing is an independent artist, filmmaker and researcher whose practice investigates the relationship between culture and nature by means of analogue and organic process, experiment and co-creation.

plus Phytogram Workshop

The phytogram method is a technique that uses the internal chemistry of plants for the creation of images on photographic emulsion. Discover the possibilities of plants with artist Karel Doing.

The Long Goodbye, JOKAklubi, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Tellervo Kalleinen & Mirka Raito

Social Spaces

My theatre, Kazuya Ashizawa
The Boys, Ben Green
Towards Unordering and Doubt, Josh Wilson
Clubhouse, Julie Myers, Maria Anastassiou
The Long Goodbye, JOKAklubi, Niina Lehtonen Braun, Tellervo Kalleinen & Mirka Raito

EL HOR, Dianne Lucille Campbell

Radical Instincts

Cosmos Obscura, Katherine Balsley, Irina Escalante Chernova
Magic Explained, Paul Tarragó
EL HOR, Dianne Lucille Campbell
The popular touch, Paul Tarragó

2019 Programme